Friday, December 23, 2011

Happy 17th Birthday!

My Little Brother,
Tun Nabil Fikri.

i love you as the second man after my abah,

i love you as the way you are,

i love you even though we always quarrel,

i love you because you always be with me in solving my problems,

i love you because we shared our secrets,

i love you because you always teach me something new,

i love you because you always shows the world in a different side,

i love you because you always shared something with me,

i love you more than anything.

* the boy who teaches me how to play a guitar*

* the boy who act macho*

* the boy that had grown up*

* the boy who love self-cam*

* my little hero*

* the boy that always quarrel with me*

* the only boy in my family*

* my one and only little brother *

* my happy family*

always be together...

Thursday, December 22, 2011

my heart~

it just a few hours its gone from me..
but my heart feel empty...
i feel lonely even though  my room is havoc.
i feel my another half is gone..

i will have  more time to spend...
if i had more courage to tell..

i just want to say..
i'm not perfect,
i'm not pretty,
i'm not a good girl,
i'm not your type,
i'm not suitable for you,
i didn't have a tons of money,
i didn't have a property,
all i have is just me...
and i wanna shared it.


Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Best friends. XOXO

friends give a joy in the life,
without friends your life did't cherish..
i love my friends...
my friends always beside me when i was sad
friends always tried to made me happy
friends always keep my secret
i love them very2 much.

 * my best girldfriend in UUM*
love you guys..
thanks for being with me during my hard time..
esp during the stress week.

* always be together*
 * hope we succeed in our future*

 *all for one, one for all *

* my best buddy in the world*
*my lalink*

*my best friend in UUM*

notes for you guys:~
guys, thanks for being with me 
during my hard time,
thanks for accept me for who I'm,
thanks for sharing our problems,
thanks for let me know you guys more deeper
and thanks for being my friend.
Love you guys.

* my best friend in the world*

note for my best friends:~
she knows all my secrets..
she always by my side..
she always listening my problems..
she my best friend forever..
notes for her:
friends, thanks for being there when i need you..
thanks for keeps my secrets
and thanks for be honest with me..
hope our friend can be last until we die.
I love you, my friend.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

princess of pop!

i love her song!
since i was 8
( i think)

her song was fantastic and had influence many people
esp me..

even though she had a moral problem 
since her marriage with 
her song remains popular 
to her fans..

 i love her natural beauty..
she had a lovely eyes and
her lips awesome. :)

i love all of her song here
is my top list of her song
( not in order)

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