Monday, December 31, 2012

back on the track.

uhh! fuhh! it messy over here. so many dust.*phew!
sorry for not updating for a long time. i'm kinda busy with class, activities, emotionally, weak mental n physical and many things happen around me lately.

*Thanks nadia for the birthday present*

Gambar sekitar Banquet Diraja Alumni UUM

Sibuk dengan add drop sem 6
*jadual sem depan*

jogging sambil menikmati keindahan alam di waktu malam

 menghayati pemandangan sambil melepaskan stress.

sambutan hari jadi yang ke-32 tahun roommate ku, UNIE. * opss! 23 tahun.

 sesi berjimba2 dengan Intaff Society.

 Kehilangan org yang tersayang, my granfather @ Abah. :'( Al- Fatihah.

Friday, October 5, 2012


Today 5th October 2012, Friday.
This entry i dedicate to one of my friend here in UUM.
Special for Bday Boy.

i have known him for almost 2 years ++
many crazy things that we had done together.
a crazy fanatic of Mek Yah or Mariah Carey. :P
 i'm really thankful to have him as my friend even though we always quarrel and some times we said that we hate each other. hahaha~

Photo collection of bday boy since 1st sem until 4th sem, see how he grows up, whahahahaha~

Photo: 1st Semester 

Photo: 2nd Semester 

Photo: 3rd Semester

Photo: 4th Semester

so, I'm pray to ALLAH S.W.T for you to have a good health,
happiness, love and always have a blast birthday.

* his current photo*

the only changes is his hair. XD



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