Thursday, February 7, 2013

result sem 5. :'(

lately nie malas nak update blog. still a great holiday since spending time with my mak and visit the grave every Friday sometimes twice a week.  not to forget spending my time with my lil bro and my best friend (kena kidnap ke Rain Town. :D)

Today, the result of my 5 sem is out. Syukur the result is good even though during my final exam i'm a little bit loss due to my grandfather death a few days b4 the exam. My wawa just call me after she heard about the result is out and we had a sad moment because my grandfather not with me to celebrate it this time.

 " Abah, Ky tau abah selalu risaukan ky. Everytime result nak keluar mesti ky akan mintak abah tolong doakan sekali. This time ky cuma pesan kat wawa n u jim utk doakan ky. Ky x sanggup nak bg tau mak n umi to do the same thing to me sebab kalo abah ada abah akn suruh diaorg utk doakan ky. Abah x usah risaukan ky ye. insyaallah Ky akan berjaya satu hari nanti and ky akan tunaikan apa yang abah pesan kat KY. "

Al- Fatihah. 

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