Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Friend Who Hard To Find. ;(

Last few weeks, when i was lay down on my bed before going to sleep suddenly i remember my friends essay about his best friends that had passed away recently. His story make me realize something about a true friendship. Not everyone have same story like my friends that they had being a best friend even though his friends is on the other world right now. Death can't separate their friendship relations.

5 years ago, I has a best friends too. We had been known each other for almost 16 years. 16 years? YES! 16 years. 16 years should make us really knows our black n white character. We know each other likes and dislikes. However, about a year before our best friends relation ruined, he has a new friend. His character and attention towards me suddenly ease off, bit by bit. I'm asking him what happen with our friendship but he just stay quite. Then, I say this must be about his new friend and he started to yield to me to defend his new friends.

For the first time, he want to slap me and I manage to run away just before he slap me. He want to slap me just because I questioning about his new best friend. OMG! WTH!  I know him very well for the last 16 years  but suddenly his attitude towards me changes because of his new best friend. We end up our relationship just like that.

For almost 4 years, we didn't see each other faces even though we stay in the same districts. Last year, we meet for the first time after the incident.For the first time we meet again, I was hoping that we can be like before. However,our friendship just become like a normal friend and it turns to "Oh! Okay!I know him." friendship.

For me, life must go on. So, I'm still watching our favorites movie, listening to our favorite song, still  fanatics in our favorite sport except GOLF ( I don't know why I hate it) and other activities just without you by my side. I hope that my ex- best friends will having a good time with his new best friend. You are my one and only BFF in my whole life. Sorry, if I had done something wrong to you.

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